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Welcome to Dole

Dole is by the water and loves being admired by people hunting for picturesque sites.

Two motorway exits (A36-A39), an airport (DoleTavaux),a TGV (high-speed-train) station

(at 2H15 from Paris) and inland waterway access rank Dole’s and its nearby tourist highlights among the most conveniently-accessible in France.

Located in the Northern part of the Jura region,Dole’s landscape is mainly crossed by two rivers,le Doubs and la Loue, and Chaux,one of the largest forest in France.

Dole offers a various range of outdoor activities.Bike ride (with Eurovéloroute),hiking or horse trekking will be among your favorites.You can also enjoy fishing,boating and swimming in invigorating and crystal clear waters.

Dole skirts Chaux,France’s most sumptuous forest,and stands a stone’s throw from the Jura’s vineyards.Its unspoilt town centre has kept the spirit it nurtured as the capital of the Comté de Bourgogne(County of Burgundy),which has since become Franche-Comté.

Its sheltered historical area is one of the oldest in France (it was demarcated in 1967) and one of its biggest (it spans 114 hectares).Dole has earned Ville d’Art et d’Histoire (town of art and history) status,attesting to the quality of its heritage and to its efforts to promote and enliven it.

Dole’s heritage mainly dates back to the Renaissance and Classicism.It features a number of religious buildings (convents,for instance),an Hôtel Dieu (a hospital building now a public library),several beautifully-kept townhouses and a 16th-century collegiate church (Collégiale Notre-Dame),recently restored to celebrate the 500th birthday of its construction.

Prélot Marina is at the foot of the 16th-century collegiate church.There,you will find boats for rent and an opportunity to enjoy a wealth of epicurean treats and cultural attractions.

Less than 100 metres away,you can stroll through the old tannery street (where scientist Louis Pasteur was born),and visit the recently-refurbished science museum built in his memory.The famous writer Marcel Aymé spent most of his childhood in Dole and Villers Robert.

Summertime leads the visitor to go to the Isis Aquaparc, a large aquatic fun park with its swimming pools, or even to le Doubs and la Loue river banks.As for le Val d’Amour,it invites you to moments of peace and quiet.July and August evenings bring open-air cinemas and concerts holidaymakers love as much as they enjoy Dole’s cheerful blend of today’s and yesterday’s treasures.

Heritage: Inheritance handed down through centuries of life and development.

The history and culture of the Pays de Dole are omnipresent and carefully preserved.

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