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The city of Dole



Ideally located at the gateway to the Jura, Dole, the city of Louis Pasteur's birth, is home to enormously rich heritage, living testimony to a history which began in the Middle Ages.



Clinging onto the slopes of a limestone hillock, flanked by canals, the city was capital of the County of Burgundy before it was integrated into the Kingdom of France in 1678. The city has preserved numerous buildings from this sumptuous period, with Renaissance-inspired layouts and abundant, multicoloured stone decors.

For nearly 500 years, the bell-tower of the Collégiale Notre-Dame, with its superbly restored stone nave, has proudly dominated the historic centre of the city. 

Within this large well-preserved district, elegant mansions, convents, staircases and fountains tempt you to linger a while at any time of year.

Nestled between Burgundy and Franche-Comté, between plains and vineyards, take the time to savour the charms and to uncover the secrets of this city of stone and water, in the company of a tour guide approved by the Culture Ministry or by following the “circuit-découverte” route around the city centre.

Throughout the year, the Heritage Events Service (“Service de l’Animation du patrimoine”) organises and co-ordinates guided tours, workshops and events for the public, in co-operation with the Pays de Dole tourist information centre.




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Heritage: Inheritance handed down through centuries of life and development.

The history and culture of the Pays de Dole are omnipresent and carefully preserved.

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