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When new destinations emerge, when the client moves from customer to “custom’actor” by comparing offers in detail before choosing their destination or holiday, it is of the utmost importance to do everything possible to provide visitors to the Pays de Dole with consistently high-quality information and customer service. As a result, the tourist information centre is duty-bound to be the figurehead for this and to lead the way for destination tourism professionals as a whole, with the destination itself having the ability to become, in the longer term, a prime example of a "benchmark-quality destination" for clients.


Throughout the Tourism Quality Plan (“Plan Qualité Tourisme”), encouraged by the French secretary of state for tourism, the approach of the Pays de Dole tourist information centre is to be participatory through the implementation of a framework of best practices, common sense and rigour which allows all repetitive tasks to be systemised and which, as much as is possible, avoids additional costs and inconveniences which create “non-quality”.


The 4 objectives of the Pays de Dole tourist information centre are as follows:

• Improving services provided to visitors

• Improving the internal organisation of the tourist information centre
• Improving internal communication
• Improving communication with socio-professional partners, institutions, the area’s members of parliament and the local population.


These 4 objectives guide all thinking and in order to do this the organisation has recourse to tools that enable the implementation of these objectives: regular consumer surveys, an enlarged local working group for quality, dashboards, incident book, instruction sheets, procedure sheets, performance indicators, software.


A “quality” agent, appointed internally within the tourist information centre, ensures that tools which will allow the above objectives to be achieved are implemented and used.

He/she is the “facilitator” who implements objectives proposed by the management on both a daily and long term basis.



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