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Frequently Asked Questions

For visitors and tourists:

How can I obtain brochures and leaflets about exploring the Pays de Dole?

How can I receive brochures on the Jura department and on the Franche-Comté region?

How can I explore the city independently?

I want to take a guided tour with a tour guide. Can I do this?

I’d like to climb to the top of the Notre-Dame Basilica bell-tower. Can I do this?

I’d like to travel on the Swallow Railway (Ligne des Hirondelles) between Dole and Saint-Claude. How can I book this trip?

How can I book tickets for shows at the “Commanderie”?

I would like to book accommodation for when I travel through or visit the Pays de Dole. How can I do this?

Where can I park my campervan in Dole?

I would like to cycle a section of the EuroVelo 6. Do you have maps for this route?

I would like to take the bus around Dole. Could you tell me about bus routes and times?

I would like to organise a seminar or a conference in the Pays de Dole. Could you help me to do this?

Heritage: Inheritance handed down through centuries of life and development.

The history and culture of the Pays de Dole are omnipresent and carefully preserved.

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