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The “Pays de Dole”

With two motorway exits (A36-A39), an airport (Dole-Jura), a TGV station (2 hours 15 minutes from Paris via Dijon), and waterways, the tourist attractions and landmarks of Dole and the Val d’Amour are remarkably accessible.


   Located in the north of the Jura department, the Pays de Dole is characterised by its plains, irrigated by two major rivers, the Doubs and the Loue, and flanked by the Forêt de Chaux to the east, one of France’s biggest deciduous wooded mountain ranges. The Forêt de la Serre stretches out to the north of Dole, the central city, and also offers ample opportunities to explore.


The Pays de Dole and the Val d’Amour offer a range of activites for getting to know the area and exploring its forests. Bicycle touring on the EuroVelo route, walking or horse-riding offer rich and varied ways to explore. The clear and refreshing waters are perfect for fishing, canoeing and swimming.


Located at the edge of one of France’s largest wooded areas, the Forêt de Chaux, and not far from the Jura wine-growing region is Dole, a City of Art and History. Here, reminders of the city’s status as capital of the former County of Burgundy, now Franche Comté, lie within its well-preserved historic centre. Back then, with its own parliament and university, the city even had the privilege of its own mint within its walls.     


Flanked by the river Doubs and canals, Dole, charms visitors in a thousand ways. Get a feel for the city as you stroll in its streets and admire its decorative facades and take inthe Collégiale Notre Dame basilica, recently restored to celebrate its 500th anniversary, the Hôtel-Dieu ; transformed into a public library, the elegant mansions and the erstwhile convents.




Put into port at the Le Prélot marina, where you can rent a boat or a enjoy a wonderful gourmet meal in one of the many restaurants. Gastronomic delights, rich flavours, culinary savoir-faire, in the Pays de Dole, the gastronomy of Franche-Comté is brought to life by illustrious Michelin-starred chefs.



Less than a hundred metres away, you can stroll in the old tanners’ quarter where scientist Louis Pasteur was born, and visit the nearby science museum. The writer Marcel Aymé, another of the city’s almuni, spent the best part of his childhood in Dole and Villers Robert.    


In the hot summer months visitors will be drawn to Aquaparc Isis  with its swimming pools and green spaces or to the banks of the rivers Doubs and the Loue. Alternatively, why not enjoy a relaxing round of golf at the Golf du Val d’Amour.

In July and August, when evening falls, concerts – either outdoors or in the new  "Commanderie” theatre and conference hall – complement your stay and make the Dole region a perfect holiday spot where past and present come together in perfect harmony.





Heritage: Inheritance handed down through centuries of life and development.

The history and culture of the Pays de Dole are omnipresent and carefully preserved.

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